HI ♥

Hi my Love!

Hi, my favorite hugs and kisses

Allow me to appreciate you

Through this poem I made just for you

You are such a blessing

You’re sweet yet protective

I can’t get enough of your smile

And the way you care for people

I adore how you are with music

How you become one with your instrument

And how you sing

With your beautiful voice

It amazes me how patient you are to me

When even I would give up on me

I love how you care for me

And the way you embrace me for who I am

I love how silly you get

Especially on my bad days

You cheer me up

Which makes everything seems better

I love your scent

And the way you giggle, squinting your eyes

I love even the fact that you snore

Because I know it’s you beside me

I love all that you are

I am so proud of you

Thank you for existing

And coming into my life.

I love you.

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