2020, it’s been good.

2020 was definitely a crazy year not just for me and my family but also to the whole world. There were countless things that happened in the world that shookt our life and hopefully also our perspectives on how we live and treat people. One thing that probably affected us all mostly is the spread of the Corona Virus that left us in a state of pandemic. Suddenly, everything is different. You can’t just come up to people and hug or even shake there hands. Simple cough, everyone would immediately stare at you thinking you’ll spread the virus to them. Lives were taken away, businesses were disrupted, jobs are being lost, airports are empty, countries are closed, masks became mandatory. We never really know what we have until we got a taste of losing it.

I read my blog about 2020 before I start writing this piece. One thing that I got from it is that I entered 2020 with full of hopes and desire to be better. I wanted to be healthy, gain more confidence about myself, be able to open up and form stronger relationship with people. I also wanted to travel more, explore new things. Some of them didn’t happen partly because of the pandemic but also because I wasn’t too focus on accomplishing them. But things happened for a reason. Though I didn’t accomplish everything that I wanted in the beginning of the year, I still got some good things that made my year awesome. Things that I didn’t expect to get this year but I’m glad I got.



The year started off crazy for me. I was so bored and so curious about what’s out there that I tried things that I had always been nervous and terrified about. Also, I’m almost sure that one of the reasons why that happened is because I got annoyed (jealous) that this certain person and everyone else around me had someone, while I on the other hand had nothing. Which, looking at it now is such a dumb reason (ugh). I wanted to regret it because it seems like something that wasn’t supposed to happen but it certainly did. So I just had to accept it. I learned so much from that experience too so I can’t complain. Nonetheless, I would never forget that crazy time. Just in case you wanted to know more about it, feel free to read the poem I wrote about that experience. It’s titled Insanity.


Probably my favorite thing that happened to me this month was the fact that I was starting to form strong relationships with good people. This month marks the beginning of me having a second family through my good friends. I spent most of my happy 2020 memories with them. Hanging out with this family just feels easy and comforting because I know that they have good intentions and they care about me the way I care about them, maybe even more. I appreciate and thankful for them so much ♥


This month I found out that my youngest sister was going to have her first serious relationship. This girl had a major reveal like a celebrity when her special someone surprised her and showed up at her birthday party. I was so surprised because I wasn’t used to the idea that my baby sister actually is growing up and she is not a child anymore.

One more thing that happened was when the COVID Virus started to get even worst. The government implemented a Stay-at-home for everyone.


COVID started really changing our daily routine this month. I found myself looking for things to keep myself entertained. I got into jigsaw puzzles which I would spend hours solving. I had more time learning and uploading TikTok dances. I was surprised that I got the confidence to actually create and post them. But I think it’s because I am getting more comfortable with my own skin. Also, I have fun whenever I make them and so who cares what other people say right? DC


I think June was when my 2020 started going really good. Things started happening my way, I started to explore and enjoy my life a little bit more. I dyed my hair for the first time, I went blonde. It drastically changed how I look and thankfully, I like it and it suits me well. Another thing is that, I got my own car, with the my name on the title. I consider this as one my best achievement this 2020. I felt like an adult the day I got it. It gave me more responsibility to carry but it help me be more accountable and mindful of my decisions.


My favorite month and probably the most eventful month of my 2020. I was intially planning to go back home to the Philippines and stay there for a month. But then, COVID hit so my plan (like everybody else) changed. I requested a month vacation leave from work beforehand, but since I wasn’t going out of the country anymore, I only asked for 2 weeks.

I felt so free and happy within those two weeks. I was able to go to different places every single day from July 1st up until my actual birthday.


August was kind of a continuation of me going out a lot with my friends. It was a time of unplanned trips but adventures that was super fun and I never regretted. We all got broke that time because we were just spending a lot of money everyday for food. I actually miss those moments because I felt like that was the time when I really formed a strong bond with these people that I love so much. I felt so stress-free that time because we didn’t have to worry about school or any responsibilities. Yes, we still had limitations but it didn’t feel so restraining because within those times we were genuinely having fun and enjoying each other’s company no matter were we end up.

One more favorite thing that happened in August is that I got to go to Lake Tahoe with the family, even though it was a short one day trip, we managed to have fun. We even got to experience Jetskiing which had always been on my top bucket list. The Lake is just so beautiful that I can’t get enough looking and just admiring it. I even plan to go there by myself just to exclusively experience the peace and serenity that it gives.


This was I think when wild fire was going really bad. At one point I think we were scared that the fire will come to our neighborhood but thankfully it didn’t come to that point. The only thing is that the air quality is so bad and there were ashes all over the place.

Also, this month the Purple Family got the chance to go to the a beach somewhere in San Francisco. It was so much fun because I remember even with string winds, it got better eventually and the weather became perfect. I even got the chance to swim a little bit despite the cold water. I just couldn’t miss the chance of having a dip whenever I get near bodies of water.


I remember in this month was when we were still in the phase of going out a lot. Not as much as the last months though because I was also busy with my school works. I was also able to check off one in my bucket list which I got the chance to go to a pumpkin patch with the family. It was also a life size maze. And even though it was tiring because we had to walk for what it felt like 10 miles to go through the maze, it was a lot of fun. If I was alone going through that huge maze though I wouldn’t find my way out because I am so bad with directions and I wouldn’t be able to have the level of focus that it require to use the map that they give in order to exit the maze.


This month was the most unexpected out of all the month of 2020. It was interesting. So much had happened and they happened so fast that it felt like someone snapped and suddenly I was in that position. Suddenly, I was in the start of an adventure that would make me feel different emotions from lowest to highest. From a simple birthday party, I met someone that would unexpectedly become a big part of my life. It was unreal how the story unfolded. If someone would’ve told me a month ago that my life in November would be like this, I would never in my life believe that it’s true. And knowing myself, it wouldn’t have happened. I used to wonder how it all happened the way it did or what came to me. But nonetheless, I don’t regret any of it.


This month was so happy because we were able to finalize everything regarding our house moving. We were trying our hardest to move immediately so we can celebrate the Holidays in our new home. We decided not to give each other Christmas gifts since we already spent a lot of money to get the house. Our Christmas gift for ourselves was the house itself and it’s not a bad gift at all. For me, it’s actually the best gift my family could’ve ask for. Thankfully, we were able to celebrate Christmas in our new home even though we weren’t fully done moving all of our stuffs from the old house. For the first time in six years of living here in California, we celebrated Noche Buena with lots of food and with good people. Finally, we were free from feeling uneasy and uncomfortable to live in a house. Finally we can do what we need to do, wherever or whenever in our house.

And there you go! That’s my 2020 in a nutshell.

I think it’s bad that I am publishing this on March 2021. I can’t believe it took me almost 4 months to actually be done with this blog. But, at least I finished it 🙂 ♥

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