For the people I miss.

For the longest time that I’ve been apart from you all. The possibility of missing you so damn hard is certainly inevitable. You can never imagine how hard I wish I was there near you all, not just virtually but physically. It might sound cheesy, but whenever I am by myself, memories from you all keeps replaying in my mind wishing that I could add some more.

To my family back in my hometown, (as a whole)

We may not be that expressive every time we talk virtually, know that I miss you so so much. It feels like I left half of my soul back there, because I know that I have left a lot of people who have been an important part of my entire life, the people I truly love. I miss those occasional family get together/ dates; movies, mall, or even those simple moments when we just stay all together in a room annoying each other. I miss our outings every holidays ’cause those were also some of the few times that we got to be all together, bond, and create memories that are worth treasuring. Now that we’re thousand miles apart, those few times are unfortunately gone as well. I crave for the moment when we finally see each other again. I can only imagine how tight I would embrace you all when that priceless moment finally comes. I can’t waiittt! I love you 😘

To Red, (Mama/ Ate Faith, pabasa mo kay red😂) (wrote this message on 2016)

Miss na kita, Red! Kilala mo pa ba ko? Hahaha. Baka pag balik ko jan ulit hindi ka na magpakiss kasi binata ka na,  ang bilis mo lumaki eh. Nung umalis kami jan baby ka pa, wala ka pang ngipin haha, ngayon nagbabasa ka na.Proud ako sayo! 😘 Mag aral ka mabuti ha, para pag balik ko jan lilibre kita. I love you 😘

PS: Don’t ever forget that you will always be my number one baby no matter how grown you get. ☺

To Ate Faith,

Luh iyak nanaman you? haha. But yeah, I just want to say what I keep on telling you. We’ll see the world together soon! It may not be the whole world but at least part of it. lol. I miss you so much. I know sometimes you get tampo because I barely make time to talk to you, sometimes I don’t even given my full attention whenever we do speak. I don’t have any excuses to say this time, I’m just sorry. Don’t be sad okay? Whenever your emotions get the best of you, remember that there are lots of people who are there for you and are willing to comfort you. I love you!

To Boyong,

Hi Bonyong! haha. Papakasweet pa ba tayo? Pwe haha. Well, I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re doing you’re best as now the man of your family. I still can’t believe that you’re now a father of such as cute baby boy. I have yet to meet him but I know I’ll be his favorite ninang when we finally meet. I miss you and love you! Take good care of yourself and your family. ☺

To Kuya Buddy,

Hello Kuya buddy! I hope you’re healthy and doing well. I barely get to talk with you as much as I want to but I miss youu!! I miss you saying that you are the spitting image of Jon Estrada and all you’re corny jokes haha. Don’t worry too much about us over here, we’re finally doing better. Things are working in our favor. We are growing and improving day by day. Take care of yourself. I love you!

To Mama Deth,

Hi Mama!! You too, Like Ate Faith I know you get tampo sometimes because I don’t pay attention to you. I know you mean well and you just want the best for us but sometimes I take that for granted. I’m sorry. I hope you know that even though there are misunderstandings and lack of communication we appreciate you and love you. I miss you!


This was initially a message to express how I get envy whenever you guys are hanging out together without me. Well, since you guys are not doing that anymore (unfortunately), or at least not as a complete barkada, here’s my message then.

You guys, wtfreak happened?! What happened to that group that I thought was strong and would never leave each other no matter what? No plans? Is that group long gone?

Every time you guys hang out to some places, you could never imagine how jealous I get. Specially knowing that I am the only one who’s not there, I feel like crying deep inside. Imagining you guys are having so much fun without me, makes me wants to fly all the way back where you guys are. I miss how we get along no matter where we are. May it be forest or under the deepest sea, as long as we are together, laughter will always be there. I miss that sleep over we had that wasn’t technically a sleep over ’cause we didn’t sleep at all. All we did were watch crazy movies and plan a late night eat out that never even happened. I miss those goofy moments when we were just making fun of each other not caring  about any consequences, because at the end of the day, we will always be friends. True friends. I love you all to bits, GFs! I miss you so hard it hurts, naks hahaha. 😘

I started this piece way back in 2016, and I only got to continue and finish it now after 4 years. It’s funny how the messages that I wrote 4 years ago still reflect the things that I want to say to these people now. I guess time flies but, If you really care about your people, feelings and memories never really fades away, huh?


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