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Last week, I experienced something that I never expected I would ever experience. Since I am not at all active on sports or any physical activities and neither am I a professional basketball player, I never, in my entire life, would imagine that I would injure my knee. My dumbass got a little too excited and ride a longboard. I mean, I was doing it, like I was riding it, I just didn’t know how to stop it. So then, I jumped and fell awkwardly. I am telling you, I didn’t expect that knee injuries like that hurt as hell. So here I am now, stuck in my room for a week now, bored out of my mind, trying to get better. The first three day post-injury was the hardest part. Not only because of the physical pain, but I think the psychological pain was worst for me. At that time, I was feeling so inspired to better myself. I was trying to be more, productive, active and positive, then this happened. Suddenly, I felt so useless and everything that I was planning to better were halted. That feeling sucked and I became so grumpy and angry with myself and the people around me.

Good thing I am slowly recovering now. Although, I am not getting better as fast as I wanted and expected to, at least I can feel that I am getting better. I just miss doing something other than laying on my bed watching random movies and shows. I also need to work, I am so broke. On a good note, with this experience I became more aware of the importance of health and well being. Sometimes we get so used to just being able to do anything that we want that we forget to appreciate having a blessed and healthy life. I am so thankful that this is temporary and I know that I’ll be better in time. This experience got me thinking about people who manages to live their whole lives like this/ I just can’t help but have a higher respect for them because it was so difficult for me.



TV. The cooking show Chopped is currently on. It’s making me crave for food again despite me just having dinner a minute ago.


I just finished working on my latest poem titled “Does He Exist?” which I had been working on and off for 3 weeks. So, currently I am not writing anything.


Now playing: Could I Love You Anymore ♥ – by Renee Dominique ft. Jason Mraz


about how can I figure out my feelings and emotions. These last few nights I constantly find myself wide awake at night just thinking about the same exact thing. As usual, I don’t know how to act on my feelings.


The Toblerone chocolate beside me.


for someone to magically appear and make me feel better. Maybe even cuddle with me. hahahaha


for my knee to get better really soon. At this point, I am getting so bored and running out of things to do that won’t make me lose my mind.


a pink Hello Kitty pajama dress.


the fact that I can now do four dutch braids on my own hair. I need some more practice but it looks good for a first try.


to be more productive. I am already such a lazy person but this injury made me even more lazy. I can’t even fold my clothes from the drier. I also want to be more active and continue what I was doing before I got injured.


a lot of social interaction. lol


Like I said in the intro, I feel blessed that my injury wasn’t as bad and that it’s temporary. I also feel so excited to just get back to my old routine where I am actually doing something to better my life. I am more inspired now to thrive for a healthier lifestyle.

Spread love, people! ♥

Ps. Stay healthy!

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