The Dagger

All the signs show
Like slapping my face slow
Though my friends keep telling
My heart keeps denying

The walls were strong and tall
Until I let you crush them all
Again, I let you come in
You lived in my heart within

You lived within, took shelter
Mold it into your own pleasure
Only to watch it tear apart
Until it bleed and cry its pain out

I knew better
But I guess, I feel stronger
You mean to me a lot
That outweighs any rational thought

I defend by a stupid justification
That it would be the last manipulation
That I’ll let you go if ever
Still, they believe, it’s only for your pleasure

Maybe they were right
Calling this foolish and unjust
I myself might even know it
Only so stubborn to accept

Now I feel the backfire
Like the universe conspire
I honed the dagger so fine
Which in end, did stab me so far

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