Bucket 44: Disney World in Florida ✨

On my previous blog, apart from talking about how unmotivated did I feel, I was also talking about how excited I was about a trip that would hopefully make me feel better about myself and bounce back from feeling so unmotivated to a more carefree and happy self.

And thankfully, as planned, I went on a mini vacation with some friends and had some happy times 🙂


But before going about the actual trip, and how much of a good times did we have, I want to give a little background or back story about this trip. The main reason why I badly wanted this trip to happen is because it was my birthday treat for myself.

Since I am not really good with parties and socializing for a long time with a bunch of people, instead of organizing a party for my 21st birthday, I wanted to do something for myself. Though it’s a little sad that I couldn’t do it on my actual birthday because of time conflict but it’s still fine, I still had a blast. Maybe next time.

So we booked everything a month before the trip.

Here are some of the photos we took that day just before I went home. (don’t mind our haggard faces lol)

I was doing good at waiting but as soon as the school stuffs were finished my anticipation about this trip got crazy.


I thought about it everyday, even when I was at work I think about it 😂. Now, take note that it was going to be my first ever trip without any adult to guide us so for me it was like getting loose from a cage for the first time (however, for some people “getting loose” doesn’t look like this lol) that’s why it was crazy exciting for me. Don’t judge people! Lol.

Also, one of my friend and high school classmate, Adame, currently resides in Florida so he came along to our trip and hopefully have fun too. I thought it was also a good time to meet up, catch up and reconnect with someone familiar back from home and it would also be a good break for him away from work.

Only a day before our flight we started to organize all the things that we would bring. We decided to just share one luggage to minimize our expenditures and also it would be easier for us to only have one.

Finally, everything were all set and ready for the trip!


The next day, we left at exactly 8:30am. But before we go all the way to San Francisco, we stopped by Jollibee to buy some food for us to bring all the way to Florida.

Adame mentioned that he hadn’t have Jollibee for a long time already since there is no Jollibee restaurant nearby where he is staying and he misses it. So, he requested some Jollibee foods from California lol.

The funny part about this Jollibee agenda happen when we were just about to leave the place. So we were already in the car about to get out from the parking lot, when suddenly all the people that we see around was looking strangely at us with a confused look in their eyes.

We were like…


Later on, one Jollibee crew came up near us and told us we left the bag full of Jollibee foods on top of our car. So he helped us get the food. Good thing we weren’t going really fast. Imagine if we were going really fast and the foods just spilled all over the road. It would have been such a waste and such a mess.giphy3

Anyways, we head on our way to the city of San Francisco. Our first stop is the classic San Francisco trademark:The Golden Gate Bridge.

] ]

It took us about 45 minutes to get there, but as soon as we got there and went through the bridge I got the same amount of joy and excitement that I felt when I first got to see its beauty years ago. It never gets old for me.


I get so amazed whenever I see that bridge.

So we stopped by a good spot where we can get good photos with the bridge in the background along with Mom and Ate Leilani.

I also found out that it was going to be Marisol’s first time to see the bridge up close and take some photos with it so it was a good timing for her.

For me, even though I have taken lots of pictures with it before, of course, I needed more lol. I even lowkey risk my life just to get some good shots.

] ]


Next stop is the Palace of Fine Arts. We all have never visited the palace before so when we got there we got admire the beauty of the intricate details and design together for the first time.

] ]

It was just amazing to think about its history and how it was all just handmade by the ancient people. And even though there were a lot of people there with us visiting the palace, I still feel a calm and peaceful ambience around the place.

We also took some pictures with the palace in different angles with different normal and creative poses until we were satisfied lol.

However, since we were wearing cropped tops and short in a freezing and windy weather of San Francisco, we didn’t spend much of a long time there.


Before heading straight to the airport, we went to a Filipino restaurant to have lunch. Since we know that it was going to be a long and tedious flight we thought it was a good idea to have a meal before our flight.

After lunch, we decided to go straight to the airport even though it was still 3 hours before our departure. Since, it was our first time traveling, we thought it was just smart to be early in case something unexpected happen.

On our way to the airport, I suddenly felt this strange burst of emotion that I couldn’t fathom lol. I felt a crazy feeling in my stomach that I usually experience when I get nervous. I think it was because of the excitement but yet nervousness about this trip. Also, the anticipation of what we were about to experience. It feels good yet a little bit scary at the same time. We even jokingly talked about just cancelling all our plans and back out because of the nervousness. But there was no turning back already lol. We just have to do it and have fun.

We already checked in our flights the night before so we ended up waiting for almost 2 hours just for our luggage.


Mom and ate Lani didn’t leave us until we were done checking in our luggage. They left when we finally were going through the security check.


So after going through a little scary but smooth security check we just went straight to our boarding area and wait until our boarding time and departure.

Boarding the plane…

] ]

The flight was only about 3 hours long but it felt like forever because I wanted to get some sleep since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before but I couldn’t and also because we were both hungry.

Thankfully, we arrived at Denver, Colorado around 8:00 pm.

] ]

As soon as we arrived, we called a Lyft to drop us off to the Hotel that we would stay at for the night. We ordered pasta and some garlic bread for dinner because we just so hungry.

] ]

After dinner, we couldn’t just sleep and call it a day. We decided to make the best out of our night in the Hotel by having a night swimming at their indoor pool. So we put on our swimsuits and went to the pool. Also nice timing because there was absolutely no one there so we have the pool only for ourselves.

] ]

] ]

After spending some time just swimming and enjoying the pool, tiredness hit us again and we called it a night around 1am.

We woke up early the next day we because we wanted to explore a little of Colorado before we leave.


] ]

We can’t just leave the place without having a taste of what it has to offer. So after having our breakfast in our hotel, we checked out and called a Lyft to bring us to the Denver Civic Center Park.

We walked around to appreciate the place and as usual we look for good spots to take photos

We didn’t get to take proper photos together because there wasn’t anybody there to help us.

Here’s the best that we could do though…

] ]

And to wrap up our short visit, I took some Boomerang shots for the #gram lol.

] ]

] ]

It was an amazing place to visit even in a short period of time. Looking at the car window on the way to the park (and to the airport) alone and seeing the structures and buildings as we go by made me think that Denver or Colorado in general has so much more to offer. And for that reason, I definitely have to go back next time and see much more of it.


After the mini visit, we head straight to the airport for our flight to Orlando.

When we got there, we pretty much just waited for our departure.

As soon as we got in the plane, we quickly realized that there were lots of children. Some were so excited about their first time being on a plane, some are eating their fruits and some are already throwing tantrums lol. Most likely, the reason for having this many children in the plane is that, like us, they are all going to Disney World like us.


I slept throughout the flight but woke up maybe around an hour before we finally arrive  to FL. And once again feeling a little nervous yet also excited for the experience and fun that we were about to have and something that I would always remember.

When we arrived at the airport, we hopped on a train to claim our baggage

and then we went straight to the car rental place via their free shuttle. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait for a long time to get the car and get going.

When we got the car we went straight to our Airbnb to drop off our luggage and drive off to pick up Adame in Tampa, FL. Since it was going to be an hour and a half drive, we decided to buy some food for dinner and eat it on the way.

We had a little trouble on finding the exact place where he’s at so I called him to go out near a store.


Fortunately, he immediately saw us and then later on I saw him coming too. We greeted each other, ask how was everything since we haven’t seen each other for years.


I also introduced him to Marisol so they get acquainted since we three were going to spend some time together.

After that we went to the place where he stays, got his things and all that he needs for the trip and then we get going. It was another hour and a half drive back to the Airbnb. He was the one who drove us back to the Airbnb so Marisol and I had time to take a rest.


When we finally got back, we just chat and catch up for a bit and decided to just sleep and take a rest since we have a long day to go the next day. Although I had trouble sleeping and didn’t really slept well that night even though I was so tired.

The next day started early for us. I think I started preparing around 6:00am since I really couldn’t sleep.

We also face-timed my cousin in the Philippines just to let her know we met there and also to make her jealous about Disney World lol.

After we all got done preparing, we finally went out. But before we go all day way to Disney World we first grab a quick breakfast.

And then Finally, to our main Destination…

] ]

We were getting kind of worried on the way because despite the hot weather the sky decided to bless our day with some rain. I thought the rain wouldn’t stop and it would’ve been such a mess but thankfully, it stop after awhile and we peacefully began to start our day at Walt Disney World, Orlando.

The happiest place on Earth.

After running from the parking lot to the train that’s going to bring us to the park because of the rain, we got out tickets checked in and finally enter the parks.


We were immediately welcomed by the fairy tale-like surroundings of the park. The buildings and structures were so elegant that you would really think you are in a magical world.

] ]

As we walked down throughout the park. The sight of the classic Disney castle is creeping through our view.

] ]

Automatically our young Disney hearts are emerging within out selves. It was just a stunning view to see even for people who are not a Disney fan.

After admiring the place we get on some rides.

Since the park is more of made for younger children, most of the rides are not designed to give exciting adrenaline rush. But our eyes were filled with sights of artistic designs that are aimed to tell stories about the Disney characters.

Some of the rides that we got on or got to see are:

It’s a Small World After All

The Haunted Mansion

Pirates of the Caribbean

Splash Mountain

Monster Inc. Laugh Floor

Under the See – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

] ]

] ]

] ]

] ]

However, one ride that took almost all our day because of the awfully long line is called The Splash Mountain. Apparently, it was really worth the wait through the long a*s line because no matter how many times the operator announces that they might close off the ride because of the possible bad weather condition, (i can still even remember what he was saying) nobody wants to give up.

When we finally got to the front of the lines, and get on the ride, we prepared our selves not only for the big drop be but also to be soaking wet after it.

Something like this…


The ride was fun and the main big drop was sick that made us forget at least for some seconds the long waiting time that we had to go through lol.

] ]

We decided to have our late lunch after and rested for some time to regain our energy.


Also that was the only time that I realized about the fast passed that we could use to avoid those kind of long ass lines *dumb*.

But anyways, we just walked around the park again, got on some more rides including one of the best ride for me which I don’t remember what it’s called. Nothing too crazy, but it was the one that I remember having the most laugh or maybe I just love roller coasters too much.

Here are videos of us on it…

] ]

] ]

We got to meet some famous Disney Characters.

We unexpectedly got to watch a cute and entertaining program in front of the castle featuring some of the most loved and popular Disney Characters.

] ]

Some more photos…

We also went to the Souvenir stores to buy some memorabilia to bring home.

But one of the best highlight of the entire day was the fireworks display. It is a spectacular show that they do every night. The entire theme was about dreams and how they come true if you only work hard for it.

While we were watching it, I suddenly felt this over whelming feeling of both happiness and gratefulness. I was so touched by the display that my eyes started to tear up. The moment was just so magical that my heart felt so full.

] ]

Having to spend this day exploring the happiest place on earth and to watch this amazing fireworks display with the ones that are special and important to me was a great feeling and definitely a memory that I will always treasure. ♥

After the display we called it a day and went back to our room. And unlike the night before, I really had a good night sleep that night.

The next day, we drove all the way to Daytona, FL to meet with Marisol’s Uncle.

] ]

We just chatted with her Uncle and Aunt for a little time, took some photos and get going to get some brunch since we hadn’t eaten at all yet and were all starving.


And since we were also planning to go to the beach, we went to beach nearby, The Daytona Beach.

As soon as we got there, we changed up to our swimming suits. But before hitting the water and joining the waves we took some photos. Only me and Marisol bathed because Adame said he didn’t have any more extra clothes. So while were spending sometime enjoying the beach he walked around to explore the beach.


also, something seriously scary happened that time that almost made Marisol despise me to death if it didn’t turn out well. LOL.

So since I can barely see without my glasses on, I never take them off even when i go swimming and that time wasn’t any different except it finally taught me why it wasn’t a great idea.

The current was too strong and then suddenly a huge wave hit me hard and I felt my glasses coming off my face. That moment, I quickly realized, I was screwed.


Not only did I need it for seeing but we also need it because I wouldn’t be able to drive us back when once we drop off Adame.

I told Marisol about it, she helped my find it. We had been looking for long time but it was not coming up. I was starting to lose hope and I was almost crying because of worry and nervousness.

Later on, I heard Marisol yelled

“I found it!”


And boy was I sooo relieved. I hugged her so tight because she literally saved our lives.


After that incident, we went out of the shore for a little bit to recover. Adame was coming back as we go back to the shore. We told him about it but words weren’t enough to express how scary that was.

Once we kind of getting over the incident, we decided to take some more photos…

Sunbathed a little bit more… though we didn’t get any tan lines because it wasn’t too sunny that day.

After the beach, we drove back…

Stopped by a Premium outlet in Orlando…

Went back to our room, took some rest before visiting the City Walk in Universal Studios because this time we were feeling tired probably because of jet lag.

Even though we wouldn’t be able to go inside the Universal Studio park with all the fun rides and roller coasters, I wanted to at least see the CityWalk in Orlando since this kind of trip doesn’t very often.

] ]

And good thing we push through it, because it didn’t disappoint. Even though I have seen something so similar like that, it still was so amazing to see. Seeing the City Walk alone, you could already feel the culture that is in the Entertainment industry and it felt so lively.

] ]

] ]

However, as we explore the place and taking pictures…

the skies seemed to notice that we were so feeling the moment and just decided to suddenly pour some rain.

] ]

And then, when the rain calmed down a little bit we decided to just leave. Yeah, it sucked, and a little annoying. But you know what, despite everything it was the experience and these kind of things are what makes a trip memorable.

We went to another Premium Outlets afterwards and just spend the rest of our time there (making fun of insanely expensive bags and purses around. We cannot afford them so we can only make fun of them lol) before we finally drove off to Tampa to drop Adame home.

When we got there, we helped him carry some of his things inside to where he stays.

We exchanged hugs and goodbyes


and then Marisol and I went on our way back to Orlando.

To sum up everything, since this was our first trip as the ones who were in-charge about planning everything, you would expect that we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. And boys and girls, you are absolutely right.


We had no idea what we were doing, we didn’t know how to cut much of the expenses that we had to spend, we had mistakes while booking our tickets which made our days in Orlando from 3 to only 2 days, misunderstood some information about our car rentals. We probably spent a lot more than what was necessary just because of being newbies, some unexpected and worry-some things happened. But instead of sulking over those newbie mistakes, we just accepted it and decided to have fun and make the best out of those 2 days that we had. And honestly, it was all worth it because all that we knew is that we wanted to go get lost, travel somewhere nice and get away from our normal busy, and sometimes stressful lives. And we definitely got it! ♥


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