Hard Disguise

I’ve always wondered
How it nudges the heart and the mind
How it flutters one’s soul
I’ve never felt it for real
So I could only assume what it brings

It must be nice to be adored
To be the shore that the ocean always comes back to,
The flowers that the bees can’t resist,
The moon that the stars always companies with,
And the light that everybody needs.

Once I wanted to feel it for real
Curiosity field my heart
So I disguised as those things
Tried to be everything except the old me
But it exhausted not only me but everybody around me

It is exhausting to try to be these things
When truly, you are a wreck ship that is meant to be abandoned,
A poison ivy that must be avoided,
A prisoner that is always left behind,
And a fear that everybody wants to hide away from.


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