Currently|Volume 3

I was initially planning to post a volume 3 Currently right after the fall semester ended but I completely forgot about it. I was just very glad that the semester ended so I decided to just enjoy the first days of my break doing nothing but relaxing after the long stressful semester. I also tried to work as much as possible last week because I needed some cash for Christmas shopping.

By the way, my Christmas went fun. As per our family tradition in Christmas Eve, we first took some family pictures (and by “some”, I meant A LOT), then went and attended a mass at midnight sporting our very extra attires (lol), and then we went back home, eat some lugaw with lots of toppings, and then we opened our Christmas presents. It was generally a good night. Everybody seemed happy and in Christmas spirit.

On the Christmas day, it was kind of good as well. When I woke up, it was almost time for lunch. There were lots of food. So we had lunch. After, we went to some of our family friends’ house to give out some Christmas gifts. It went pretty good even though at times my mind was spacing out LOL.



Right before I started this blog, I was reading all of the quotes that I wrote that I saved in my phone’s notes. It was interesting to see how I play with words whenever my mind is full of thoughts.


nothing except this blog. I was planning to do another Random Thoughts entry but I just couldn’t come up with words or anything to write even though there is one particular topic that I really wanted to write about. For some reasons, I couldn’t find the words to describe how I feel about it.


to the same Spotify playlist I created that I always listen to. Can’t Help Falling in Love with you is currently playing right now.


about a lot of things. Like how easy for us to paint a smile in our faces whenever there’s other people around even though deep inside we feel completely different. (Wow ang lalim bes)


I am just about done recovering from a cough and cold but I still can’t smell a thing right now.


that I can change some of the decisions that I made this month. Decisions that are more sensitive and more careful.


for things to get better before the new year starts. I am also hoping for these coming year to be good and very productive.


a violet pajama dress with my 3rd year high school jersey shorts.


that I’ve been getting enough sleep these past few weeks since I’m in my break from school. I almost forgot how nice it feels to get at least 7 hours of good night sleep lol.


STILL a very relaxing whole-body massage, ASAP! I can really feel tension from every part of my body.


another blanket. It is freezing cold. I’m actually writing this blog under my blanket because of these cold wintery weather. lol


I would not say I feel happy right now.

But I hope you feel happy right now. Spread love! ♥

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