Same State

There’s a river of molten lava
It’s below the huge rock I’m on
I move careful, unfreely
Because one wrong step
The rock might crack
And me, left drowned in it

Visible from a distance not afar
On the same rock, he’s there
Struggling from the same state
Excessive sweat from the heat, weak
Crying, tired and almost hopeless
Fear of no way of escaping is apparent

No words are exchanged
Only eyes converse
As if there’s no need for words
Understanding each other’s feelings
I strangely felt a bit of relief
Knowing I’m not alone in this struggle

Endings of the rock slowly collapsing
Echoing through the area
Words came in notice of the worsening danger
Would you allow me to come near?
Without any words, I simply nod
Nervousness and fear still apparent

Despite the weakness and fear of failing
Despite the fragility of the rock
He walks testing all the odds
In every step he takes
My heart skips a beat
Hopeful for him to make it to where I am

I held his hand as soon as I can
Now relieved despite the still existing danger
Atleast now we are together
Fighting this situation
And if we don’t survive, find a way out
Atleast we die together, holding each other

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