Currently|Volume 2

So, I have been feeling kinda sick these past couple of days. Started from just a bit of itchy throat, then woke up one morning feeling really groggy and sick. Feels like it’s because of the weather, stress in school and couple of other things. Fortunately, I still manage to not miss classes and take all midterm exams and quizzes so that’s good. I even went to work today LOL. I woke up this morning completely sure that I wasn’t going to work because I was feeling really sick, but then when I got home from school, I felt better and decided to go anyways. Well, good thing I decided to work because it was kind of a good day at work. Though, I had to take more breaks than usual.



A poetry book written by J. Iron Word titled Abstract. I already read it before but decided to reread it because lots of poems in here really speaks to me. It feels like Word is describing what I am feeling and writing words that I want to say.


Well, I’m editing one of the poem that I wrote before. Planning to publish it maybe tomorrow, if I don’t change my mind LOL.



To Fire Away by Niall Horan. It is a soundtrack from his newly released album titled Flicker and this song is one of the many other songs that I loved/liked. *fire away, fire awayyyy* LOL



About the things I should do tomorrow for school. Don’t want to cram up again last minute cause it is really stressing me out.



Well, since my nose is really clogged right now because of cold, my ability to smell anything is practically non-existent.



To get at least a full week off from all the things that are keeping my mind and body busy, either from school, work, personal life. Just to relax and release all the stress that I’ve got from the past couple of weeks. (But, not gonna happen)


For a better, less stressful and more productive days ahead. Also, hoping for me to feel much better already.


As usual, my very comfy pajama dress.


That this package that I have been waiting for about a week already has finally arrived. So excited to use it.



A very relaxing whole-body massage, ASAP!


Medicine, I guess? But I don’t always want to take drugs because I feel like it’s too much chemical entering my system, which is obviously completely not the case LOL. I often just let it get better naturally unless it gets really bad.


A little better now than I was earlier.

I hope you guys had a good day! Spread love ♥ we need more of that in the world.


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