Currently|Volume 1

I have always been wanting to try this blog series for a long time already but because I am a lazy bum and also a busy college student (lol excuse), I keep on finding reasons not to actually do it. I first saw this kind of entry series from Maine Mendoza’s personal blog. I thought, it was a cool way to just share my day and also regularly post in my blog. I also found out that the person who started this blog is a woman named Lauren who also owns the webpage called Siddthornton. It was initially a Sunday Currently, but I am going to just make it ‘Currently’ because I know I’m not going commit on doing it every Sunday and just do it everytime I feel like it.

So here we go, let’s try this!




Hmm.. I’m trying to read this Biology book because we have an upcoming quiz next week but… who would want to read 4 chapters in a textbook right? LOL


…this first entry of Currently! Volume 1. I really hope I could keep up and be able to post at least every week. LOL.


…to the TV sound in the living room amplifying up to here in my room. My mom and my sister Given is watching Riverdale. I’ve already seen the first season and it really is a nice series, full of thrill, drama and has an interesting plot.

PS. Betty is my Fav ♥



…about what to write on this section Lol jk

Well, I’m thinking about food. Soo hungry right now but too lazy to get up and get some food.



Nothing really right now.


…that I don’t have to read all these chapters and some more from other classes. They’re just too many.



…that the Atlas Wild fire doesn’t spread to other areas anymore because I heard it’s still spreading a lot faster and also hoping that all the victims affected get the help they need and have the strength to eventually overcome this challenge.


My usual pajama dress that I wear not only at night but throughout the day as long as I am only staying at home. (usual for a lazy bum LOL)


That me and my sister already reconciled after a long week of snubbing each other lol. I thought this would last a lot longer but thankfully it didn’t. haha



…some sleep and time off social media. My body clock is really messed up right now. I’m always awake until like 3-4 am just scrolling through my accounts and it’s really eating up all my time even on days. Like, instead of doing my school works on my free-time I’m constantly just checking my social apps. Not healthy, man! SMH



Pretty relaxed actually. It’s been 2 days since I haven’t left home because my classes are cancelled. And I just received an email earlier notifying that they’re also cancelling all classes for the whole week because of the uncertainty of the condition of the on-going Atlas wild fire.

So, That’s it for my first entry 😊


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