🔥Spicy Noodle Challenge🔥

We have been seeing a lot of YouTubers and even some of our friends online trying out this seemingly very very spicy ramen noodle. We weren’t really planning to go and buy these, my sister Given was really just curious and been really wanting to try it out so she asked me to stop by an Asian store to buy some. Well, I was also a little curious about all the hype toward this noodle anyways so I went with her and decided to buy some for me and for Geile as well.

Because of so many instant ramen noodle goods that they have, it was a little difficult to find it. So, we thought they didn’t have it, but after minutes and minutes of destroying the beautiful organization of those various ramen noodle goods 😂, we finally found it.


Just grabbed this photo from Google. I forgot to take a picture of the actual noodles that we bought mga bessie lol. Credits to the owner.

I really wanted to film our experience and reaction just because I know it’ll be fun and hilarious to watch it after. But Given just really wanted to try it by herself to see if she can handle its spiciness and doesn’t want to film it. But after some intense convincing and compromising,  I eventually convinced her 🙂 And to make it more fun we invited Geile to take the challenge with us.

And here it is….

” ]

To be honest, I feel like this video is more about us trying to overcome the spiciness than the challenge itself lol. But nonetheless, it was an interesting and fun experience! 😊

The aftermath 😂

PS. I’ll never do this challenge ever again. Too spicy for me 😂

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