🌻 Sunflower 🌻

It was once mere a seed
Very slowly it grows
Its taking some time
But it blooms
Little by little
everytime the Sun touches it

Despite the shifting weather
It has fully grown
A mass of petals appear
Bright shades as the Sun
Energized by sunshine
It lives continuous

But comes the confused weather
Restrained by the clouds
Shine won’t come through clear
Though the flower fights
Hoping the clouds will vanish
But instead the wind blows

So hard
That a petal fall off
And then two
But still it fights
Waiting for the Sun
Except the snow shows up

More petals leave the core
They wither from the cold snow
Slowly it looses hope
And finally decides to let go
let the Sun wonder
Without its presence somewhere

It chooses to embrace
the coldness under the snow
the sadness without the Sun
the empty core without petals
And the days without shine
What a poor sunflower

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