Scarce Clarity

No initial plan
Had no idea what to do
Nor where would we go
It was planned as we drove

Had some awkward moments
Then giggled because we know
But we were fine
Because we both understand

However I seemed electric
You seemed afraid of electrocution
Which I would bring
Once distance disappear between

But here’s what’s nice
Despite of the unfamiliar destination
I felt safe and protected
That’s when I knew that I have trust in you

It was something I would treasure
Something I would revisit
Despite of my moments
For it was one I felt is worthy

Day started a little sad
Thought even my night would be wet eyes
But turned out great
And smile filled my room instead

If this would be it
Know that it would be fine
It was nothing but special
So it might be too much to ask for more

It scarce clarity
But felt good and gold
Perhaps for one odd reason
Being you the one I was with

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