Happy Birthday, Mother Dear.

At first, I was wondering how come I cannot figure out the words to use to express how I feel for you. But then I realized there is no words at all to describe how I feel and appreciate you. All that I know is that I love you from the bottom of my heart and I could be anywhere in this world, but nothing would make me feel as safe and as at ease as when I am with you.

Every child who has a loving mother would say that their mother will always be the best and will always be a hero to them. But as cliché and mainstream or as corny already it is to say this, I still will say it because you deserve to be acknowledged and be well-appreciated. Mom, you were, you are, and will always be the hero of my life. You are the best mother that any child could ever ask for. No matter what you, or other people might think and say, you are, no doubt, an amazing mother.

Before I was even born, you already become an amazing mother because despite all the issues and problems that you had to go through, you still chose to give me the chance to see the world and have a life for myself, that alone made you an amazing mother that you are. And then, you carried me in you for 9 months, helped me take my first step, took me to my first day of school, assisted me with my homework, helped me get up and aid my wound when I fall, wiped my tears when I cry, sang me lullabies to sleep, these, all these and more, made you an exceptional mother which I am so blessed to have.

Thank you that you are my mother. Thank you for the motherly unconditional love that you continue to give me even up to this day. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being my best friend and my ‘go to’ person whenever I need someone to talk to. Thank you for being a cool Mom who I can tell absolutely everything without worrying about judgements. Thank you for being understanding of how I feel. Thank you for being both my support and my critic. Thank you for understanding and dealing with my mood swings. Thank you for the immeasurable patience that you willingly give every day. Thank you for raising me to become the person I am now. Thank you for being my inspiration and being the reason why I want to reach success. Most especially, thank you for being strong and brave to face each and every day of your life despite the exhaustion that you have to deal with. Thank you for not giving up.

I hope that the time will come when I finally get to be the one who takes care of you. I can’t wait till the moment, when I finally get to tell you, “Mom, relax. I got this.” I hope that someday I can make you proud and think that all the things that you had to go through are worth it.

Happiest birthday to the most important person in my life, Mother dear! Enjoy your special day, you deserve it. I love you. ♥


Happy Mother’s Day!

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