Snap and Click

No one could have expected.
In a matter of snap and click
Ordinary turns special,
Hidden has been seen.

I attempted to reverse and resist
So scars and damage won’t exist
But chance wanted to play,
and somehow it managed to win.

Curious of how it goes,
Instead of defying its fast flow,
I chose to try and see
What the flow has in store

Sneaks of glances and peaks,
smiles and giggles,
small talks here and there,
For once, it feels right.

But with all the hints and clues,
Still, I can’t be certain.
It seems like a riddle to solve,
a maze to pass through.

Thought I figured the answer,
I’m afraid I got it all wrong.
To ask might be the answer,
But uncertainty terrifies me more than all.

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