Thank you, 2016!

Before I say hello to the new year, 2017, and say good bye to 2016, I want to take a moment and just appreciate what had happened in the year 2016. This year was pretty eventful for me. There were things that I would rather not have happened but there were greater things that I am very thankful that have happened and things that made my 2016, an awesome year.

So, here’s a list of a few things that completed my year and things that I am most thankful about:

  1. Color red

– Because whenever I wear something red, something positive happens.

  1. My first ever job

Because by working, I have realized that the saying “Money does not grow on trees” is absolutely true and that in fact, money is hard to earn. Also, I am thankful for this job because there (at my workplace), I have found a lot of people who eventually became an important and special part of my life.

  1. My phone

– For communication, for being an excuse to get out of awkward situations, for the apps that come with it, for the selfies, for its notepad for being kind of my diary. Basically, everything about it.

  1. Social media, esp. Instagram
  2. Liquid lipsticks

– For completing my look every time.

  1. Long late night hours

– Because being a night owl, I accomplished so many things in late night hours.

  1. I survived Fall 2016 semester.

– and take note the research paper.

  1. I learned…
  • …to not over-think, just go with the flow.
  • …that life is not fair.
  • …that fairytales exist but rare.
  • …that you can choose the things that can affect you.
  • …that not minding what other people’s opinion about you is very helpful in accepting yourself.
  • … that happiness is a choice.
  • …that we are special in our own ways.

9. All the people who have been part of my year

  • To the friends who have stayed.

– Despite the distance, despite the time difference, despite our busy lives, I am so blessed that, you guys have stayed in my life. I am so glad that even after a long time of no communication at all, once we reach out and find the time to catch up, I still feel the same old comfort and trust that I have for you. I am so blessed to have this kind of friendships where I can tell you everything from the most wholesome things to the not so wholesome things, show you my deepest darkest, bitchiest version of myself and not worry about judgement because I know that you know me and you guys get me. Thank you.

  •  To the friends who I have found.

– In a place where I am, where things are way different from the things I was used to: the way things are, the language, the food, the culture and beliefs, it’s undeniable that, it is hard to find people who I would really get along well without trying so hard or feeling awkward. I did not even think I would gain this kind of friendship here. Thankfully, I have found you. We have yet to know more about each other, but I know and I feel that this is a start of a friendship that will last and I will treasure.

  • To the ones who complimented me and made me feel special.

– You added tons of happiness in my 2016. Without you, my view about this year being awesome would be completely different. You drew genuine laughter and smiles on my face, and made me see something in me that I could not realize. Thank you and I am so blessed for you to be a part of my year.

  • To the ones who taught me a lesson.

– It is hard to appreciate you when I know that you were the ones who made me doubt myself more. It is hard to be thankful for you when you were the ones who I taught would finally fill some parts in my life that I’ve been looking for but in fact not. But even so, I know I still should be thankful for you because somehow, you have put smiles on my face, it’s just that, it did not stay long. Thank you for the lessons, you made me strong.

  • To my family from home,

– You may not be a part of my year physically, but you are mentally and emotionally and whole-heartedly a part of it. More than anything that I miss about home is you, you my family. And it is time like this when I feel the absence of your presence and the warmth of your hugs. Thank you for being in my year and in my life. I miss you the most and I love you.

  • To my loving family.

– More than anyone else, you are the one who I appreciate the most. You guys are the one who are always there for me and helped me survive the challenges that, 2016 (and also my whole life’s years), had brought me. You are the one who probably get tired of dealing with my mood swings every single time but does not give up. Thank you!. God chose the family for us, he did not make us choose and I am so glad that is what he did, because he chose the right one for me. I love you.

  1. Most specially, to God.
  • He is the reason behind all these things and people that I am thankful about. He is the reason for everything and why we all survived another whole year. Thank you, God, for always being there no matter what. Thank you for the blessing that you have given me and my family, thank you for the gift of life and for your eternal love. I love you.


And for you 2017, bring it on! I’m ready for you.

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