A Cliché Mistake

The day when I chose to see you,
I was dumbly blinded by you.
Though it was a cliché mistake,
I never saw my awful fate.

To me, your flaws did not exist,
I saw imperfect as perfect.
It might all seem absurd and daft,
But isn’t this its full extent?

Now, as all memories flashback,
I wish to reverse it all back.
Recreate the past without you,
To spare myself from a playful you.

I just wish I never saw you,
Was never dumbly blanked by you,
And never gave you the license,
The license to make me a mess.

And judging on how I know you,
I’m almost certain, that for you,
These sentiments are just worthless,
Sentiments you couldn’t care less.

But I’m not blaming anyone.
For it was me who saw someone,
Someone who don’t see me at all.
I guess it’s me to blame after all.

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