R.T. 1.

“The only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus

I’ve known this quote since who knows when and I know I believe in it — that nothing in this world remains the same, that in some point, everything will eventually change, whether we like it or not.

But as I ponder my thoughts here in my room tonight, as I usually do, a deeper realization hits me. That this quote is absolutely right, that, EVERYTHING CHANGES, (except obviously, change). May it be the position of planets, the moon, the facts we’re made to believe in, even our thoughts, our perception of things, our beliefs, personalities, emotions, desires, or the way we treat the people around us. It’s unfortunate but a fact.
People will come and go no matter how nice and loving you thought they were, no matter how understanding they might be. It’s just a matter of time, they will change and leave, eventually.

People will treat you as if you’re one precious person in their life today, tomorrow it’s as if they didn’t know you at all.

Today you’re inspired to get up and face another day, tomorrow you can barely open your eyes because the reason for you to wake up everyday suddenly disappeared.

Today you’re bursting with happiness, wide smiles and loud laughters, tonight your pillow soaked because of all the tears you let go all alone on your bed.

Today you’re confident, ready to face this unpredictable world, tomorrow you feel like your self-worth is non-existent.

You believe and hold on to something now, tomorrow, you realize it’s not worth it anymore.

You’re contented now, feel like you have everything you could ask for, tomorrow you feel empty.

Truth is, life is not fair, it never has been. We don’t always get what we desire despite the efforts we put on. Things change no matter how hard we try and how much we do to maintain it. I guess we are all just meant to endure these awful reality, there is no way to get away.

They say change is good, but how could it be good if it hurts?

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