Labor Day ’15

This day was so much fun for us, sooo fun! Or at least for me. 😀

Long weekend! A good time to loosen up from all the stress and school works. YES!… Prior to that day, we have already planned what we wanted to do.

We never wake up early specially on weekends. So every brunch mom needs to wake us up or we won’t detach ourselves from bed. (relate? haha). We were not even sure if the bowling center was open because it was a holiday (fingers crossed!), we just hoped for the best hahaha. I was so excited because it would be my first time to play.

So after brunch, we all dressed up and get ready for a hopefully fun filled day. We then made our way to the bowling center. Luckily, the bowling center was wide open and it turned out that because of holiday, fees got cheaper.


There was also a proper bowling shoes you can rent if want. As for us, of course! 😀 (innocent much? haha)DSC_0819

Me trying to figure out how does the scoring board works.


Let the battle begin!


MOM and DAD!

MYSELF! (Yes, leftie)





DSC_0706 DSC_0766 DSC_0771 DSC_0834

I didn’t expect much from this sport but it really was fun playing. Though I’m not lucky enough to hit a strike or even a spare. This sport is a thumbs up!

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