Happy Birthday Ate Faith.

Since I don’t want to greet you by an FB status (’cause that is too mainstream already) in this special day of yours, I thought an open letter in my blog would be great. So here it is. :*

Well first of all, this will be filled with too much dramas so you might need some tissues (knowing you hahaha).

I miss you! That was the first thing that came up to my mind. Our sleepovers, pranks, selfies, movie marathons/dates, food trips, corny jokes and even the little silly things we did every time we were together. It may not be obvious or I may not be too showy but I really do Ate Faith, we do miss you. Never think that you no longer are a part of my life because no matter what happen, you were, you are, and will always be a big part of my life. It’s not like I could redo my life and remove you as my cousin, duuhh! hahaha. Just because we don’t frequently talk and catch up on how our lives doing (FaceTime) because of a lot of things; Time zones, werk, errands, and not to mention our laziness it doesn’t mean we already forgot you, a big NO NO NO. You are one of the most important person in my life.

We have so many plans, specially travel plans that we absolutely want to do but are obviously unlikely to happen at this time, but we will get there, Ate Faith. More than anyone, except you of course hahaha, I am the one who’s badly want to do those plans with you. Pictures at the Golden Gate bridge or Eiffel Tower, or Statue of Liberty or anywhere else are much more fun to do with you. (I even imagine those crazy moments, sometimes haha). We just have to wait for the right time, in God’s perfect timing :). In the mean time, let’s both work on our life goals, let’s both do our best to know ourselves better, build up our strengths so that these plans will be more achievable and possible. Let’s werk werk werk werk werk! Can’t wait till those moments. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Ate Faith. I wish you all the best in life. God bless and I’ll see you soon, hopefully. I Love You. ♥




PS: wait lang yung gift, sorry na! HAHAHA

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