Wishful Scenes

Unbelievable how it all happened.
She never expect it as it rarely happen.
Although she wanted it to occur,
She never demanded simply because it’s forbidden.

Still, Next thing she knew,
She was in a corner somewhere,
wondering about something,
unaware of her surroundings.

Suddenly, something fell down the wooden deck.
As it caught her attention,
disrupted her wondering,
She hesitantly look down to pick it from the deck.

All of a sudden, you came to her sight mirroring her.
You were staring at her as you pick it up.
You attempted to sit down beside her.
She didn’t complain as she was so startled.

Your smile looked so genuine,
as if it was saying something to her.
As if you know what you were doing.
It was confusing, she thought.

Abruptly, the scenery changed,
A nice bright room with elegance.
This time, you were sitting across her.
Still, a genuine smile on your face.

You were both staring at each other.
Looked like you were enjoying every moment.
And despite of being clueless,
She was loving it.

Unexpectedly,  something fell, again.
This time, not on the deck,
but on her hands.
It was yours over hers.

Suddenly, a maddening sound,
which triggered the scene to disappear.
A painful fact came to her realization.
A dream it was.

Just .A. Dream.
A wonderful dream she wish has never ended,
or rather, was a fact.
It was as if you were hers and she was yours.

For the longest time,
It is what she’s fancying.
Unfortunately, it was just a dream
Never a fact.

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