Journey to a New Chapter

So, we were putting our baggages on the carousel for inspection. It took us a while to put all of it because those were heavy and no one was there to help us. It was also our first time so we were a bit nervous and confused. At the same time, we haven’t recovered yet from the intense goodbyes a while ago. So we were a bit confused and not focused on what we should do. Fortunately, we survived eventually. HAHAHA

And then, we looked for the airline where our flight was. And Checked in…

Checking in for our flight to Taiwan. (connecting flight)
Checking in for our flight to Taiwan. (connecting flight)

Trace of tears weren’t obvious already, maybe because we were too excited hahaha.

We’ve gone thru a lot of process. We filled up a form, passport and visas were checked, scanned our physical bodies as well as our carry out bags to check if we were carrying something suspicious. And finally we came to the room where we were suppose to wait for our flight.

Tickets! :)
Tickets! 🙂
While waiting for our flight.

While waiting for our flight..
Also at that time, I was being amazed by the airplanes that I was seeing that point of time because it was my first time seeing airplanes on their actual sizes. Too innocent right? 😀

Boarding to the plane. We were excited but nervous at the same time. Being a first timers, we didn’t know what to expect. We never know, what if the plane would go from loop to loop all the way to our destination HAHAHA just kidding.

The first flight didn’t take too long. It took maybe about one and a half hour (not sure), I didn’t got a chance to take some photos of the amazing view because we were asked to turn off all electronic gadgets, which I regret to obey. I should’ve just put it on airplane mode.

Anyways, we arrived late evening in Taiwan.10527568_746170842093312_7407007169319744714_n

We had to look for the designated place for us to wait for our flight. We didn’t get lost because there were a lot of signs and directions.

While looking for our boarding room..

While looking for our boarding room..
There was also a train that would lead us near our boarding room. It was actually cool.

Us trying to show that we are on a train. But FAIL. No one's there to take some good photos.. MAMA HELPP!
Us trying to show that we were on a train.
But FAIL. No one’s there to take some good photos..
We had too wait three hours before our flight. It was ideal to get some sleep but the adrenaline from the excitement was still there so it was impossible. Good thing there was a WiFi connection, in fairness it was pretty fast!. So we all surfed the net and visit our FB, IG, Twitter, etc.. Then later on we video called our family back in Phil. thru Face Time.

Not to mention Ate Faith’s puffed-up face because of too much crying. hahaha
We did talked about a lot of random things (I can’t remember anymore). I mentioned how the airport in Taiwan is way better that in Phil.. All in all, they helped too kill some boring time.

Our flight got delayed because of a typhoon. But eventually, we boarded to the plane and took our flight minutes later. It was a long flight, nearly 13 hours. Stewardesses served us 2 meals, it was good in all fairness; lunch and dinner (if I remember correctly). It was an exhausting and tedious flight, good thing there were some movies we could watch, I also took a nap for a while.

Finally, by the good grace of God, we safely arrived to our destination. San Francisco, USA!


First, an inspector checked our passport, visas and requirements. I’m kind of nervous that time because, what if we got deported?, what if they send us back to Philippines?, it would have been a big mess. I am over acting, I know. HAHAHA. Good thing it didn’t happen, *whoosh* 😀

After that, we took our baggages, you have too be alert and move your eyes fast because there were a lot of baggages (obviously), and if you miss your luggages you’ll have to wait for it too come back after another round. We had a bit trouble finding those on the carousel but it’s all good. (Too much trouble on carousels huh? hahaha)

Dad was already there at the exit waiting for us. He took some pictures, unfortunately I couldn’t find those. We exchanged hugs, finally after a long wait, we’re here with him. Then we have gone to the car to load our huge and heavy baggages.

While driving thru the road of SFO, weather was cool and fresh because it’s almost fall, lights were amazing, organized traffic signs and road. It was surreal knowing that we’re already here. It wouldn’t sink in to me that time but its real.

Before we have gone home, we stopped by a restaurant called Denny’s to have our first dinner/ early breakfast. I loved their food specially the hush brown and country fried steak. In fact it’s already my favorite restaurant here.


Then, we go home. To where we will spend most of our time from now on. The home where we will begin a new chapter and wait for what the future will bring. Another chapter, another bunch of good memories to treasure. Another chapter, another challenges and struggles. We’ll get through all of it as long as we’re whole as one famILY. ♥

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