Goodbye Loves. We’ll see you again!

Of course, every goodbyes are sad. But sometimes we have to try something new and explore life to find what is the best for us. We never know what’s gonna happen.

One of the saddest goodbyes I have experienced was the day of our flight from Philippines to US (07/13/2014). It really was an emotional day. Well not really, but  deep inside, I know it was.

Early morning that day, we were packing all of our things. All of our family members were there. We, the children were having our breakfast while the adults were busy packing our baggages. I remember our breakfast was pancakes from Jollibee. We were all at the sala eating while watching TV. While eating, I could already feel that Ate Faith was not in such a good mood. She was a bit quiet. I decided not to talk about it because I know Dela Cruz genes have shallow tears especially ate Faith. It was too early to shed tears hahaha.

So after fixing ourselves, all that showers, dressing up, combing hair, packing and weighing baggages to avoid excess baggage fees. We were finally ready to go to the airport. The whole family accompanied us all the way to the airport.

This was where emotions got heavier. The nearer we get, emotions got really intense. That feeling when you were trying to stop your tears to fall and your throat starts to feel weird and heavy but you couldn’t stop it because it was  really strong. It was also funny because we’re crying and laughing all at the same time. Laughing because we were shy and we’re not used of expressing and showing our emotions to each other.

Photos in the car. on the way to the airport.
Photos in the car. On the way to the airport. Guess who cried the most? hmm.
Kuya buddy at the passenger seat. I can't really see his emotions but I know it was also hard for him.
Kuya buddy at the passenger seat. I can’t really see his emotions but I know it was also hard for him.
Red was also off mood that day, maybe he couldn’t  express what he feels
properly but I know his tantrums was connected about us leaving. Love you Red!

Finally we arrived at the airport, we waited for awhile before we get inside. No one was really talking, we were just waiting and taking pictures once in a while. Sweetness and expression of feelings is really not a thing in our family but we know deep in our hearts that we will miss one another so much.

Before we get inside.
Before we get inside.
Now, we finally need to get inside. Goodbyes rrrr. Hugs and reminders were exchanged, more tears, more hugs. If I remember correctly, I didn’t got the chance to hug Kuya buddy and I really regret that. I could feel his emotions, his voice was a bit trembling too.

That scene was too much to handle.

It really was hard but it had to happen to make way for the next chapter of our lives. It’s not like we won’t see one another again. We’ll still get in touch. The love will never fade away and they will always be in our hearts. (Naks! sweet :*)

July 13, 2014

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